Saanen Dairy Goats For Sale


ADGA registered American and Recorded Grade Saanens, as well as Recorded Grade Experimental Dairy Goats for sale.

Welcome to Satori Farm !! Home of American Saanen, Grade Saanen and Grade Experimental Dairy Goats for sale. Located in Southern Oregon.
Have you heard? The kids are coming!! 
For the 2014 year, only the kids born this year are for sale at this time. ( I do have one yearling Grade Experimental for sale at this time.) Pictured at the bottom of this page
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We have been CAEV negative since we began in 2004, we started DHIR in April 2012, with 2 out of 6 does making it to the top ten list. We added 2 more for 2013.  We also had Linear Appraisal done at the farm in June of 2013, with some very nice scores! Especially with the young stock. We still show some, though, not as much as I would like. I breed for  production and conformation. I also breed for temperment.We always focus on improving the strengths of the herd. As a breeder my goal is to produce a dairy goat that will excell in the comformation department, produce at least 10 lbs of milk a day, and still be a longtime friend.
 Satori means Instant Enlightenment in Hindu. To me, they are! Saanens are known for their milk production, 1 1/2 to 2 plus gallons a day!! I began breeding Saanens for milk production and show in 2004. I also breed a few Snubians (experimental Saanen/Nubian crosses) as I like the combination for cheese production. All of the goats are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association. I test ALL does and bucks yearly for CAEV, and have been negative since we began in 2004. We have had no abcesses in our herd. We recently have aquired a Scrapie identification # for out of state/country transports.  I do regular fecal exams to test for parasites. We also provide free choice minerals and kelp for the health of the herd, as we are located in an area that is known for selenium deficiancy we give selenium plus vit E injections 1-3 times a year depending on need.
Some of my favorite photo's. Again, only the kids produced this year are for sale! With the exception of Destiny, pictured below.
FOR SALE   250.00
Satori's Mite-E Destiny #GE1628422 
Dam: The Satori's "Jamie" by Daisy #GE1376614
Sire: Satori's Mite-E Taluk *B #AS1602835 (view on the buck page)
Reserve Grand Champion dry yearling. August 2014
Destiny is 1/4 Nubian and 3/4 Saanen. Perfect combination for delicious milk and cheese production.  Her 1/2 sister Jessie's Buttercup was awarded Breed Leader Status in 2012. Was one of the Top Ten does in her class recognized by ADGA. She was also 2 x Grand Champion.  Their Dam "Jamie" consistantly produces Grand or Reserve Grand Champion daughters. Destiny will be sold bred to Whey-To-Go Jumping-Jack Flash. (View on the buck page), for kids due in March 2015.
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