Saanen Dairy Goats For Sale

ADGA registered American and Recorded Grade Saanen Dairy Goats for sale.
Welcome to Satori Farm !! Home of American Saanen, and Grade Saanen Dairy Goats! Located in Southern Oregon.

Here we go again!! Kids in the milk room!!! These are kids from a few years ago. See who we have bred to produce kids this spring! 2018
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We have been CAEV negative since we began in 2004, we started DHIR in April 2012, with 2 out of 6 does making it to the top ten list on our first try! We have had at least one on the top 10 every year since except 2016. We had Linear Appraisal done at  the farm in June of 2013, with some very nice scores! 
We have a Scrapie identification # for out of state/country transports, and are CL and CAEV free. Saanens are the largest of the dairy goats, they are more quiet and independent than some of the other breeds. They are considered the "WORK HORSES" of the dairy goat breeds. First fresheners in my herd typically produce 10 pounds a day, average is 16 lbs, (2 gallons daily).
Some of my favorite photo's. I have 3 yearling does, a yearling Buck and a few kids for sale this year. I will also have 2 does in milk after they kid for sale.Hint! Push the play button to automatically scroll through.
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